Welcome to our clinic....


Caring Hearts Free Clinic provides health care for:

  • citizens living in Patrick County, and
  • currently without health insurance, and
  • whose income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level for 2014

What to do if you need to be seen ....

Any qualified client, current or new, may contact the clinic during regular hours to make an appointment or visit during the walk-in clinic.

Clinic Hours

8:30am --   3:00pm
Each First, Second and Fifth Tuesdays

Other Clinics
When Medical Staff is Available

Please call for an appointment

Phone:  276.694.3410 (Ext. 1)
Fax:      276.694.3430

Once an appointment is provided, clients must provide the following information at the time of registration:

  • photo ID,
  • demographic information,
  • proof of Patrick County residency, and
  • proof of income for each and all members of the household (SS, Disability, Food Stamps, housing, etc)